Winter Animal Control

Winter Animal Control

Some nuisance wildlife take to hibernation when the weather grows colder, but others may seek shelter in your home or business. Below is a list of Pennsylvania animals that are more likely to move in during the winter.

Mice and rats

Both mice and rats are small rodents found all across Pennsylvania. Because they are so low on the food chain, they breed quickly and often. If some of these little guys slip in your house or office, it may be challenging to get them out.

Mice and rats are both capable of fitting through very tight spaces. Any cracks in your roof, garage doors, or exterior walls can be enough of an opening for a mouse or rat to get inside. Some quick prevention tips for keeping the mice and rats away:

  • Seal up any exterior entry points, including any cracks or holes
  • Seal your chimney with a chimney cap or cover
  • Keep the inside of your property clean and free of clutter
  • Seal food in plastic containers and avoid leaving crumbs behind


Similar to mice and rats, squirrels are another type of rodent known for home invasions. They’re a little bigger and a little slower when it comes to breeding, so dealing with a squirrel invasion may be a little easier than mice or rats.

Squirrels tend to hole up in chimneys, attics, and the insides of walls. Here are some basic tips to prevent squirrels from coming inside:

  • Seal up exterior entry points
  • Seal your chimney with a chimney cap or cover
  • Keep trees and shrubs away from your house or office building, and trim any overhanging branches


Raccoons are located all throughout Pennsylvania, and they have adapted well to living around humans. Aside from property damage, they can make for dangerous roommates because they can carry a number of harmful diseases.

Raccoons are more likely to hang out in attics and chimneys, though they have been known to live in garages and inside of walls as well. Here are some ways to keep raccoons out:

  • Seal up exterior entry points
  • Cover chimneys and exposed openings, like vents
  • Store trash in clean trashcans away from the house, or in trashcans with animal-proof lids


Pennsylvania is home to a variety of birds ranging from small songbirds to large birds of prey. Not all will try to share a living space with you, but some of been known to nest in and around houses and other buildings. Depending on the size of the bird, some may be able to slip in through almost any opening.

Here are some tips for keeping the birds at bay:

  • Seal any exterior entry points
  • Cover chimneys
  • Avoid leaving doors and windows open, and add screens when you do open them

Animal Control Services

If you’ve found one of these critters trying to stay in your home or business, give Wildlife Enterprises, LLC a call. We can safely trap and remove wildlife from your property. We’ll also examine your home or business for any entry points so you can prevent the animals from returning. Don’t host any unwelcomed guests this winter—Call Wildlife Enterprises, LLC today!

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