Why Use Professional Animal Control Services

Why Use Professional Animal Control Services

If you’ve run into a raccoon living in your garage or a mole digging through your garden, you may already know that wild animals can pop up when you least expect them. But if you’re a first-time homeowner or a business owner with a new property, you may not have experience with animal control problems. Why should you call a professional animal control service, like Wildlife Enterprises, LLC?

Wildlife Can Be Dangerous

The first (and probably most obvious) reason to call an animal control expert is that wild animals can be dangerous. If you are unfamiliar with an animal’s behaviors or temperament, you may not know how to lure one off of your property safely. Some animals carry diseases that can be harmful or (if left untreated) lethal to both people and pets. Outside of diseases, some animals may become aggressive when they feel threatened, and bite or scratch you. If you are unfamiliar with controlling the wild animals around your home or business, it’s best to call in an expert. Professional animal control services can safely handle even rabid animals so you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way.

Photo of a raccoon sitting in dry grass and looking at the camera.

Trapper Knowledge is Important

Besides being dangerous, wild animals can also be difficult to manage. If you don’t know how to trap those groundhogs ripping up your lawn, or how to dissuade that family of mice from nesting in your basement, you may struggle with controlling the animals on your property. Not every trap will work for every animal. Not every animal will be drawn by the same bait. Experience with trapping animals (and knowing what to do with them after you trapped them) is important. A professional animal control service will have the knowledge needed to trap different kinds of animals successfully and safely. They will also know whether an animal should be relocated or humanely dispatched.

Call Wildlife Enterprises, LLC for your Animal Control Needs

If you are having a problem with wild animals in or around your home or place of business, give us a call! Wildlife Enterprises, LLC can trap and remove nuisance wildlife from your property in a safe, timely manner. Don’t take unnecessary risks with wild animals. Give us a call and let us handle it!

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