Pennsylvania Nuisance Wildlife/Insect Control and Removal

Wildlife Enterprises, LLC specializes in the control and removal of nuisance wildlife. With over 4 decades of experience, Wildlife Enterprises, LLC can safely and professionally remove unwanted critters from your property. We can also provide instructions on how to keep them from coming back.

Wildlife Enterprises, LLC also does insect pest control and prevention. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and can help you with those pesky critters in and around your home. We specialize in ants, bees, wasps, earwigs, spiders, termites, and most other insects that can cause damage to your home or property.

We will inspect the property and recommend a treatment plan that works for you. We can set up a yearly maintenance plan to help keep your home and property insect, rodent, and worry free.

Why should you use Wildlife Enterprises, LLC?

Wild animal conflicts come in all shapes and sizes in Pennsylvania. Some animal problems can affect your health, the health of your pets or livestock and even your homes and commercial buildings. Wildlife Enterprises, LLC has the experience to solve wildlife conflicts in a safe, responsible and efficient way to get you back to living wildlife conflict free. Protect your property and prevent wildlife from re-entering by calling Wildlife Enterprises, LLC.


Whether you have squirrels in your attic, groundhogs under your house, or raccoons in your garage, Wildlife Enterprises, LLC can remove wildlife from your home.


Are there geese on your golf course, skunks nesting near your playground, or beavers blocking your water feature? Wildlife Enterprises, LLC can remove wildlife from your business.

Services We Provide

We offer humane wildlife removal and animal control services for all of the animal species listed on our website. Our experience comes from years in the field, working directly with Pennsylvania animals, understanding the size and types of traps, exclusion devices, baits and lures, and humane treatment of the wildlife we remove. We also have extensive knowledge of the laws and licensing concerning wildlife in Pennsylvania.

Many times, we are called in after the homeowner or business owner has already tried and failed to remove the animal. Knowing your target species and what to do with it after it is caught is what professional wildlife control business operators are paid to do. We are trained to be safe and responsible in all situations, are familiar with proper trapping, and we are aware of animal habits. Be safe and contact a wildlife professional before you attempt to catch wild animals by yourself.

Susan Grim
Susan Grim
May 22, 2024
Highly recommend this business! Dan was able to schedule in last minute to take care of a starling nest in the dryer vent and hose area. He is very professional and a reasonable rate as well. If I have any issues in the future, I am definitely using this business again. Grateful this business exists. Thankful the problem was taken care of very swiftly. Dan is a very hard worker and knowledgeable on the situation. No more starlings, yeah!!
Corrine Conti
Corrine Conti
April 16, 2024
Dan is such a wonderful man! We had a problem with birds nesting between the ceiling and roof of our porch. Dan was there that day to take a look and had it resolved the next day. Not only did he remove 2 big nests, he closed in the area where they were getting in with wood painted to match, and cleaned everything up. The porch was cleaner after he left than it was before he was there lol! His prices are more than fair and he is an honest hard working man. Would give him a million star rating if I could! Thanks again Dan!!
Joel Frain
Joel Frain
September 11, 2023
Dan was prompt in returning my initial phone call, and came out to help me resolve my problem (removing a dead animal from under my porch) the same day. He had a very pleasant demeanor and was more than willing to keep working at a difficult problem when the resolution wasn't immediately obvious. He was innovative with solutions and thorough to make sure everything was taken care of. The job was completed the same day and the price seemed very fair to me. He cleaned up afterwards even though he could have left without doing so. Definitely recommended. Great job.
Laura W
Laura W
August 10, 2023
Very professional and friendly
Greeyli Gonzalez
Greeyli Gonzalez
July 9, 2023
“I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Dan for his exceptional help in removing a bat from my house. His prompt response and calm demeanor in handling the situation were truly commendable. Dan demonstrated great professionalism, ensuring the safety of both myself and the bat. He efficiently resolved the issue, showing expertise and care throughout the process. I’m incredibly thankful for his dedication and expertise in wildlife management. I highly recommend Dan to anyone in need of humane and efficient assistance with wildlife concerns. Thank you once again for your outstanding service!
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith
June 27, 2023
Well!!! I walked up the stairs of our Historic Manor House on the grounds of Pine Forge Academy, with Dan. He looked at me gently and said, "Turn around and come back down the stairs. He is right behind you!" I covered my mouth with both hands to avoid screaming as the two foot high buzzard, not yet full grown clicked his claws towards me. Within the next 10 minutes, Dan brought it outside, (where I ran) in a huge net. He is quite simply the absolute BEST in the field!
Kelly Haines
Kelly Haines
May 9, 2023
Dan was a lifesaver for us! We had a very scary situation with a raccoon nesting in an attic crawl space in one of the buildings on our property and Dan saved the day. He was prompt, communicated his plan extremely well and, most importantly, did all he stated he would (and more) to handle the situation. Not only did he remove the raccoon, he did all of the fumigation work and repairs to the space to get it back to 100% and secured so this would not occur again. I cannot thank Dan enough for all of his work. I was extremely worried and upset when we discovered the raccoon, but Dan's handling of it put me at ease and got our property back and running quickly~I would highly recommend!
stacey stahl
stacey stahl
March 28, 2023
We had a sick raccoon in our yard that needed to be removed. Dan immediately responded to our phone call. He handled the situation within minutes. He obviously has a lot of experience!! He was kind enough to answer all of our questions and put my mind at ease. He also was knowledgeable enough to give us advice on what to do in the future. Highly recommend Dan to anyone who has a wildlife issue/ concern.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
November 11, 2022
Dan was amazing. We had a huge beaver damming up our pond's drain system. He showed up, checked out the situation and had Edgar (yes we named him) the beaver snared and in a cage in less than 20 minutes. Dan even arranged to have Edgar released into the wild on State land so he could go on living a happy life!
Christy Miller
Christy Miller
November 8, 2022
Excellent company who is fair! Helped with my mouse issue and did not make me feel like I was crazy or over reacting. If we have any other issues will definately use them again

Dead Animal and Carcass Removal

We are sometimes called in to remove an animal(s) that has been found dead and is becoming a nuisance because it died inside an attic, basement or wall. Sometimes animals are simply found in your yard or place of business. Wildlife Enterprises, LLC will safely remove, legally dispose of and clean up the area affected by the carcass.

Service Locations

Wildlife Enterprises, LLC services Reading, PA and the surrounding Berks County area.

Photo of Dan Lynch in a light blue Wildlife Enterprises LLC t-shirt, standing in front of sunny woods.

Dan Lynch, owner of Wildlife Enterprises, LLC

Dan has worked for the Pennsylvania Game Commission as a Wildlife Education Specialist for 27 years. In addition, he has worked as a Deputy Wildlife Game Warden for 26 years. He has experience with wildlife damage and conflict in Pennsylvania, dealing with animals as small as flying squirrels to animals as large as black bears. He has been a licensed Pennsylvania trapper for over 40 years and has experience trapping all Pennsylvania furbearers. Dan is a member of the following organizations:

  • Pennsylvania Trappers Association (PTA),
  • National Trappers Association (NTA),
  • Fur Takers of America (FTA),
  • Ohio Trappers Association (OSTA),
  • The Wildlife Society (TWS),
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA),
  • Pennsylvania Pest Management Association (PPMA), and
  • National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Wildlife Signs

Have you noticed markings or footprints around your property? Check out our page about wildlife signs to see what kinds of wildlife are living around your home or business.

Special note concerning rabies vector (carrier) species. Rabies is a contagious, potentially fatal disease transmitted from one infected animal to another through a bite or scratch. Humans are susceptible to rabies and prompt medical attention is necessary. With this in mind, all rabies vector species trapped or removed by wildlife professionals must be humanely dispatched rather than relocated. Pennsylvania rabies vector species include skunks, raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, bats and coyotes.