Termites are pests that any property owner dreads finding in their home or business. While they do not pose an immediate threat to humans, termites can cause extensive property damage. Their eating habits can impact a building’s structural integrity. Most termite infestations take place in the basement or cellar, and in areas directly surrounding the basement/cellar.

AppearanceThere are 3 types of termites in a termite colony. The kind you are most likely to see are winged termites. They are small and dark brown or black. They’re often mistaken for winged ants, but they have thicker bodies and longer wings.
Length¼” to 3/8”
Where You Can Find Them InsideTermites can be found around studs, joists, subfloors, floors, door frames, wooden trim, and areas around furnaces or chimneys.
Food SourcesWood, paper, books, cotton, and other products with cellulose
Extra FactsTermite colonies are made up of workers, soldiers, and reproductives (kings and queens). It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see the workers or soldiers, but reproductive termites come out to mate. In their natural habitat, termites help forests by feeding on old roots, fallen tree limbs, and tree stumps. One termite colony can reach up to 15 million termites and eat up to a pound of wood a day.


Termites have destructive eating habits. Depending on which part of the house or building they have infested, termites can cause extensive structural damage and make a building unsafe.

Termites are known to hide well, so it can be tricky to spot an infestation early on. You can look for something called termite tubes. These are mud-like tubes stuck to wood and can usually be found around foundation walls, support tiers, door and window trims, and cellar walls.


To remedy a termite infestation, you will need to contact a pest control specialist. Reduce moisture around your property and seal any cracks in your foundation. If there is any wood that comes in contact with the ground—steps, posts, and even trellises—remove or replace it with pressure-treated lumber. You may also need to utilize termiticide.

The pest control experts at Wildlife Enterprises, LLC can help. If you have a termite problem, give us a call. We can help you rid your property of termites and prevent them from returning.

Termites crawling through wood