Fleas are a type of parasite. They tend to be more of a problem for pets than people, but people aren’t immune to flea bites. In Pennsylvania, fleas are most active in the spring, summer, and fall. 

AppearanceTo the naked eye, fleas look tiny and black. Their back legs are longer for jumping and their head is covered in spikes that can puncture skin.
LengthSmaller than ¼”
Where You Can Find Them InsideYou can find fleas attached to dogs and cats who have come in contact with infected wild animals outside.
Food SourcesFleas survive off of blood from their hosts.
Extra FactsFemale fleas can reproduce quickly, starting an infestation within a matter of months. Fleas can cause anemia in your pets. Their bodies can consume up to 15 times their weight in blood per day.


Fleas have been known to cause allergic reactions and anemia in pets. They can also worsen respiratory sicknesses and give your pets tapeworms. For humans, the biggest threat from fleas is often infection from flea bites that have been scratched open.


If you have a flea infestation, vacuuming the fibrous surfaces of your home (sofas, pillows, carpets) can help to get rid of adult fleas. You will need to contact a pest control specialist to get rid of any eggs or larvae hidden deeper in the fibers.

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