The Importance of Cage Traps

The Importance of Cage Traps

Why use quality equipment? Cage traps come in all sizes and price ranges. We use cage traps for animals as small as flying squirrels up to much larger beavers. Purchasing and using a high-quality trap is important for several reasons.

To begin with, you want the animal to be caught the first time it enters the trap. If the door mechanism does not shut properly and the target animal escapes, you have just educated that critter and made it very difficult to get it back in a cage trap.

Secondly, you want the animal to be secure as well and as comfortable as possible. By comfort I mean if it is very hot outside make sure there is a cover over the trap so that the animal is out of the sun until the trapper gets to the location. A cover could mean something as simple as a section of cardboard wired to the top of the trap.

A groundhog in a metal live trap with a piece of cardboard covering the trap to protect the groundhog from the sun

A third reason to use quality traps is that they will last several years and some animals like raccoons can be hard on traps. They have nothing to do all day except work on breaking the wire, destroying an inferiorly made trap, as well as reaching through the wires and biting or scratching the trapper when they pick up and transport the animal.

There are many brands of traps out there. If you’re looking to purchase a trap, do some research and choose the best trap you can afford. Or better yet, hire a professional nuisance wildlife operator and let them handle your wildlife needs.

Wildlife Enterprises, LLC has over 40 years of experience trapping Pennsylvania wildlife. If you have a nuisance wildlife problem at your home or business, we can help. Contact us today.

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