Pigeon-Proofing a Restaurant

Pigeon-Proofing a Restaurant

Recently Wildlife Enterprises, LLC was called in to help control the amount of pigeons hanging out around a local restaurant. The pigeons were leaving droppings under windows, around the entrance, and on the restaurant’s front sign. While flocks of pigeons can be hard to get rid of, there are measures you can take to discourage them from spending time in certain areas.


When Dan got there, he found that the building’s previous owners attempted to add some pigeon control measures, but they were not successful.

Strips of tape with nails were added to the tops of the window frames. While this is the right idea, there were some problems with the set up. The nails were too short and were spaced too far apart, so pigeons could still find places to land. It also took minimal effort to remove the nails or knock them over. You can see from the pigeon droppings in the photos above that the nails and tape were not enough to deter the birds.


After removing the nails and tape, Dan installed bird spikes along the top of the window frames. These spikes were drilled into the frame and won’t be easy to move. They’re tall and tightly packed together, making the frames an unfriendly spot for pigeons or other birds.

The pigeons were not only spending time on the window frames—they were also on the roof. Dan installed some live traps on the roof to catch and remove the birds.

Photo of pigeons on a roof caught in a live trap.
Photo of Dan opening a pigeon trap on a roof.

Once the pigeons were off of the roof, Dan placed bird repellant around the roof to keep more from coming.

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